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How to Write a Business Plan

It has been said that failing to plan is planning to fail. While the connection of planning and success is a bit more complicated than that, it is certainly true that taking time to plan increases our ability to take advantage of opportunities.

This workshop will explain the purposes and benefits of business planning and introduce a variety of approaches that can be customized to any business. It will also address the basics of financial forecasting, why businesses fail, and the importance of flexibility.

Using Social Media to Market Your Small Business

Social media is an excellent, free outlet to market your brand, but it’s not always clear how you can actually reach your audience and convert them into customers. In this training, you will learn several concrete steps you can take right away to grow your audience and drive engagement through social media, as well as how to use the popular Canva app to create simple, beautiful images for social media. Share your business’s Facebook or Instagram handle if you’d like a personal critique.

Determining the Feasibility of your Business Venture Through Financials

Part of the planning process in starting a new business venture is determining if the venture is financially feasible. Over this 60-minute workshop, you will learn the steps in setting up startup business projections, sources and uses document and a review of the commercial loan process. This workshop is designed for the person considering small business ownership who wants to incorporate a set of financial projections into his/her business planning process.

Small Business Panel Discussion

Join us as we talk with three current small business owners, Melinda Williamson (Morning Light Kombucha), Matt Martin (Espin VR family entertainment center), and Michelle Winchester (Miss Michelle & Co dance studio), as they talk about the pro's and con's of small business ownership. This session is especially helpful for perspective and new small business owners.

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